My grandmas cutlery… Quietening the home

Have you noticed how everything in your home has a story?… Look around, everything, every single thing has its voice. 

Some things whisper gentle happy memories, some scream at you…

Know what I mean?   

 This is my grandmas silver cutlery…she had a thing for entertaining & unlike me, kept it all super shiny, clean & precious. 

Hidden away most of the time in a treacle-coloured mahogany box, it would always come out on Sunday’s, for a family roast.

Goodness knows what she’d think of all the tarnishing that’s occurred since I took ownership of it, but for me, I like to see it! I don’t ‘use’ it as such, in fact Lily plays with it more than we use it for eating…& it seemed the perfect prop for me to ‘style’ recently over on Instagram! 
 Anyway, I guess I just like to have it around me in the kitchen; a gentle happy memory. 

So my question to you is: how does your home sound? Do the stories from objects jump out at you, do they shriek over each other, or do they sing in quiet harmony? 

Start by focussing on something you love. Something that, if you had 30 seconds to grab, you would. Gather those bits, the things you really love, & you’ll soon notice what gets left behind. 

It’s pretty cool to sit back & listen…well, I mean look. The harmony comes when you’re surrounded by things you truly love.

We’ve been doing this a lot…

In fact, you may have noticed a lack of photos of our home here on the blog, and also over on Instagram. We’re going through an incredible period of ‘quietening the home’. Barely a week passes by without at least a bin bag making its way to charity…overly accumulated clutter. The excess chitter chatter and stories of everything surrounding us, was becoming a little too noisy.

Things are slowly softening, and it’s really giving our home a new voice. A cleaner, brighter, softer tone…one that I promise to share with you all soon. {there will be a little peek at the kitchen tomorrow}

Happy Sunday,

Jess x

grandma’s cutlery sings!

3 thoughts on “My grandmas cutlery… Quietening the home

  1. Beautiful images, Jess. I’m a firm believer in using things you love and not keeping things “for best”. If things get worn out through regular use, so much the better – it means they’ve been loved. Good luck with all your sorting – it feels so good, doesn’t it? xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really does! I’m completely addicted…hard at first, because everything has its story, but once we started letting go & feeling the benefits, it’s just so lovely! Good for you too! x


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