Kitchenalia ~ have only what you need

use only what you need. Give the rest away.

This age old saying has worked wonders for us recently…it started at new year, not in a resolution kind of way, but just a more realising we had far too many ‘things’ kind of way. 

Our home, although very ‘us’ was just getting far too full…especially in the kitchen. {ok, not that you’d know it on the ‘surface’, so to speak…like many of us, it was more behind the cupboard doors & in drawers}. 

 In fact, we’d been contemplating an extension. Compared with the beautiful large kitchens Ross makes professionally, ours is rather small.  But when I really began paying attention to the things we use on a daily basis, & how we use the space in our kitchen, it became clear that our cupboards & drawers were bursting with ‘clutter’ and instead of creating more space, we really needed to cleanse what we had. 

If in doubt, take something out 



I began with the utensil drawer, quickly cutting the contents in half. Moving to cupboards, we chose to keep only the kitchenalia we truly love & use on a regular basis. 

It was amazing how easily we created space! Maybe you read my post yesterday about quietening the home, the same applies in the kitchen. Removing old/worn out/unused items has created a much calmer & more functional space.

 Of course there were odd things we’ll keep hold of, like the extra picnic cutlery {that we recently painted ~ you can read about it here}. It’s always helpful when we have people over, or to take on Summer trips.

Getting our new oven helped too…the old one badly needed replacing when we first renovated the kitchen last year, but we held out & picked this one with 2 separate ovens & grills. It means, for the most part, we only use one oven & have the other for storing baking trays/cake tins. 


 I think I could probably part with even more…and by part with, I mean ‘give’ away. 

In the past I’ve been a bit of an Ebay / car boot queen! But this year, especially since the Nepal earthquake disaster, it has seemed so much fairer to support our local charity shops. So many, of which will actually come & collect your donations. {although thankfully we have our van for that}.

 It’s such a win win. Our home is ‘quieter’, it functions much better, and we get to support good causes & recycle at the same time. 

Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs

How does your home work for you? If in doubt, take something out!

Love Jess x

2 thoughts on “Kitchenalia ~ have only what you need

  1. It looks beautiful Jess. I couldn’t agree more – space is SO important. We had a massive sort out before we moved house and I’m so glad we did. Our new kitchen is bigger but actually has less storage. At first, I thought we needed to spend more on putting in more cupboards, but when we looked closely, we had lots of multiples of things we didn’t really need, and a load of stuff we hardly ever used. So, the sorting continues. I’m determined to keep things lean and not build up a huge stash again!

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