Styling the seasons ~ July 2015

Late into the month {again!}, styling up this heartfelt happy July was thankfully a quick & simple task.

Without spending too long ‘thinking about it’, I’ve gathered together some gorgeous finds onto our mantle, with the addition of Larkspur {the traditional flower of July} and it represents my heart-led approach to home~styling. 

styling the seasons july 2015
love tale mantle, made by Ross & styled with treasures for July…
styling the seasons july 2015
favourite shell, it belonged to my grandma & sat on her dining room mantle throughout my childhood…perfect for me to be able to listen to the sea…love seeing lily hold it to her ear now it lives with us.

styling the seasons july 2015
rocks & pebbles gathered by Lily…she has a thing for smooth white ones, they’re adorable.
styling the seasons july 2015
hand thrown pots, the one on the right is by Holly Bell, the two on the left are from an unknown artist selling on the Cambridge market every Sunday…i bought them with my dear friend Meiken on the first Sunday of this month…we both fell in love with the swirling inky stripes.
styling the seasons july 2015
larkspur blooms are the perfect stems to add to these little vases {i popped a little nugget of florist oasis in the bottom to allow the stems to remain perky & upright}.
styling the seasons july 2015
The basket on the end is from Nkuku…I love their wire baskets, perfect for holding bits & pieces. the A Lewin postcard is from my godmother….she always makes me smile with her brilliant eye for beautiful stationary.
 Before July runs head on into August, we took a much needed trip to the Norfolk coast this morning…Ross barely ever takes a day off, let alone a holiday, so
as you can imagine, it was a pure tonic! I always think of us being pretty landlocked here in Cambridgeshire, & wish we lived closer to the sea, but today totally changed that.

Following a hunch, and diverting from our usual hour & half route up to Brancaster, we discovered Snettisham, just a 50 minute drive instead!
My reason for sharing this story is really because it encapsulates what July has meant for me…


Follow your heart 

It’s been wonderfully simple, and strangely difficult all at the same time.

It’s a revelation. I’ve connected with new friends, dare I say inspirational leaders in my continuing search for a creative career. I’ve discovered new roads in my home town…just simply allowing myself to follow new routes home, finding the most gorgeous houses & gardens to spy on in the process! Letting my heart guide me on the little things are starting to spark my trust in allowing it to guide me on bigger decisions too…some of which I’m sure I’ll share with you soon!

I think our beach trips are about to become a more regular feature…music to my sea-loving-ears!

What’s your heart saying? And are you listening?! I hope so!


Jess x

Styling the Seasons is hosted by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots:

“reflect the change of seasons and show those changes in your own home, by styling any surface with something you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you”. 

2 thoughts on “Styling the seasons ~ July 2015

  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful post – I loved reading your words and insight and it’s really got me thinking so thank you for that! Beautiful styling, too (love that basket and vase) xx


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