My Monday mood board ~ shine 

Your true nature is luminous

We were by the waters edge, the sea had those twinkles of light, it was magic & yet I didn’t capture it. I was too busy collecting shells with Lily & marvelling at how tiny they were, even in her tiny hands. It was bliss. 

And that’s how I realised… for me, I shine when I’m not thinking about anything. When I’m caught up in the now & the joy of whatever I’m doing, that’s my shine.  
I simply couldn’t resist this image; our super favourite this week. 

Beautifully captured by @kylemanning & shared to the #mymondaymoodboard gallery by the lovely @janegraystone it oozes our theme; ‘shine’. Thanks so much Jane.

Shine like the whole universe is yours.   Rumi 


shine inspire
@murderingtime @heidinormann @capturebylucy @hungryhead_natalie
You all dazzled us with your super summery & inspirational images this week. The above round up, curated by Lucy, captured a few more of our favourites, we just loved all the shining interpretations!

It’s got me hankering for a sunny holiday, which I’m hoping many of you are getting to enjoy this summer?! The family Trent have never been too big on holidays, {like proper week/2 week long affairs with hotels & flights} mainly due to work commitments & not really seeing it as ‘our thing’. But that looks set to change.

We celebrated our 3rd year in our current home this week {if you’re new to the blog, we’re serial home-renovators & movers: 4 times in a decade!} and as it stands, we’re pretty set on staying here at least another 2 years {until we begin the dreaded school search for lily} so with {major} home projects dwindling & therefore time opening up perhaps we’ll start looking to expand our adventure-ing & book a holiday or two?!

I’ll keep you posted, but for now we wish you a happy mid-week, happy holidays, and for all of us UK-based, hopefully some sun shine! 

Next week we’ll go with the prompt: GREEN.  

oscar wilde
Oscar Wilde {image credit ~ pinterest}

…as ever, everyone is welcome to play along to encourage a creative & inspiring start to our weeks. 

Love Jess x

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