An English orchard ~ plum compote, jam & gin

 plum jam 
The last time mum & I were together in this orchard, we were picking plums for my wedding ~ 9 years ago…mountains of red apples & plums decorated our beautiful barn reception venue {but that story is for another time}

 foraging in an english orchard  
foraging in an english orchard Back again this year, with Lily in tow {& my gorgeous friend Lindz & her little man} we enjoyed a blissful sun-drenched Saturday, orchard-picking; needless to say, our kitchen has been brimming ever since…

 home made jam in a home made kitchen 
Beautiful baskets, fully laden with plump purple loveliness; Damsons, Victoria’s, and another deep indigo variety; whose name I’ve forgotten {& annoyingly they’re my favourites, so I’ll be sourcing that one again!} 

 food styling : home made jam & wooden spoon 
Some have already been boiled into jams & sauces; a few chopped into {a somewhat suspect} chutney recipe…& yet still, we have a bountiful supply.

 home made damson jam & gin   
home made damson jam & gin  This morning I was at it again; dividing the last of the damsons between my few remaining jars & pots; pricking the soft skins, ready for a long soak in gin; happy to be getting my gin stocks started ahead of the first frost, which will see us foraging sloes.

 home made damson jam & gin  
I love this time of year; everything ripe & ready…there for the taking. But I very much doubt it that nature would blame us if we just slowed down, breathed it in & left the last remaining few bowlfuls for the compost. 

…sometimes we all need a little space, a little room to breathe & a little time out from all the options.  

Enjoy your autumn delights; whether that involves actually foraging & making fresh compote; or buying pots of plum jam {I highly recommend warming it on the stove to enjoy drizzled on porridge} delicious! 
Jess x

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