Styling the seasons ~ September

And just like that, summer fell into fall.

Straddling summer & Autumn; September is such a delightful mix of balmy sunny days & chilly dusk evenings; with romps in the orchard & warm cheese scones, damp starts, hot tea & socks! 

Wool cushions & blankets have just started re-appearing on the sofa as evenings are drawing in; Lily’s bedtime has just become a cozy lamp-lit affair again.

Picking plums & damsons at the weekend in the bright bloom sunshine, felt more like a late summers day. But bringing the baskets home & lighting the fire; pricking the damsons to soak in gin; halving plums for crumbles & compotes, bubbling jam on the stove; it reminds me of the chilly days yet to come.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all jumpers & jacket potatoes yet, rather just a gentle nod into the approaching season. 

And so here it is…my {apologies, rather quickly} styled mantle; our few remaining jars & empty bottles  have been glugged with generous amounts of gin, and we await the pinky ink to spill out of the damsons; to colour & flavour our tipple for winter ahead.  

Stockpiling orchard treasures, it feels like we’re hunkering down…& it certainly feels like our home is ready to follow suit; to cloak itself in blankets, extra cushions & throws again. 

So please excuse my fewer than usual; much moodier than usual; styling the seasons shots. I just wanted to capture the light & dark, …oh, and also to share that we’re currently re-painting the entire ground floor {which is taking me much longer than anticipated!} hence the odd patch of colour tests you might peek on the walls above.

Looking forward to sharing our, more Autumnal, home with you soon, 

Jess x 
Ps. Styling the seasons is a monthly styling challenge hosted by Katy ~ Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte ~ Lotts and Lots

2 thoughts on “Styling the seasons ~ September

  1. This is so beautiful, Jess. It’s really interesting to see you using a different style to your normal one, using the light and shade – such a wonderful outcome and perfect for Autumn. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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