My Monday mood board ~ pink

Celebrating the final flashes of late summer colour, it was so wonderful to see so many floral ‘pinks’ flooding the #mymondaymoodboard gallery this week!

I simply couldn’t refuse this as our super favourite; it captures pretty much every shade of pink so perfectly! Thank you Elizabeth @ehpyle …we adore how you’ve captured the softness of petals in the glow of the autumnal sun; beautiful.

And the round up, shared by Lucy @seasidelucy was spot on too! 

These pink pops come from: {clockwise from top left} @vanillalemoncake @createandbalance @sarahehemsley @ruby_and_ivy

Next week we celebrate the CIRCLE …as ever, anything goes; but the prompt is there should you need it; a little nod to kick start the imagination.

Have a super week!

Oh, and should you be UK-based, & fancy meeting me & Lucy in person, we’ll be in Lindfield on Sunday…

Hope to see you there! 

Jess x

3 thoughts on “My Monday mood board ~ pink

  1. Wow. Thank you so much! I’m a little late on following this up, but I’m thrilled and flattered to have my image featured. I hope the Jumble and Prop sale was a smashing success… if I were in the UK, I would have definitely been there!

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