Finding your quiet…to listen to your heart.

Our brains are such brilliant machines…they come pre-programmed for survival, so it’s no wonder so many of us are stuck in worries most of the time; it’s just the brain doing its thing; predicting worse case scenarios, ‘protecting’ us from harm. 

 rose wreathBut those noisy worries can get so boisterously loud sometimes…

it’s no wonder the quiet whisperings of the heart {so frequently} get drowned out. 

 rose wreath
I’ll share an example of brain noise:

We had a Bosch engineer fix our washing machine last week; my brain was obviously pre-programmed to expect a man, because I got completely confused when ‘Danielle’ rang me to confirm she’d be here at 9.30. 

And I can’t help that. My brain is wired that way. It’s learnt, brilliantly, downloading information around me, ready to chuck it out; however inappropriate. 

It’s been pretty cool to realise this.

It’s the same with these ‘worries’; my ego loves nothing more than to churn through feelings of doubt…especially when I’m embarking on new creative projects, which is a shame {if I listen to them} because it ‘quiets’ the ME. 
That all important ME that comes through in my creativity. dried flowers
My heart, on the other hand, knows no fear, no rules & definitely no volume. It ticks quietly, gently & always wants to make ME happy. 

Have you noticed that? Does it make sense? 

 blush autumn wreath 
If you follow me on social media, you’ll see I’m away in Devon this week; filming a channel 4 Christmas show {I’ll share more details as I can} ~ of course, it’s a wonderful & exciting opportunity…but my sweet little mind is panicking, it’s filling me with worries & feelings of not-being-good-enough. 

Thankfully I keep seeing those thoughts.  They’re just like little protectors, waving their arms around, ‘telling’ me to ‘be careful’; ‘you’ve never done this!’ ‘Don’t do anything scary & new’. 

Noticing their less-than-charming chimes; I’m choosing to say ‘thank you ‘thoughts’….but I’ll be fine’; allowing the noise of nerves to quieten down. 

As I travelled down through the beautiful Hampshire countryside today, safely tucked on my train carriage, a suitcase full of flowers & a sweet new pink scarf from Oliver Bonas {gifted to myself at St Pancras…because, let’s face it, this is a pretty brilliant adventure I’m giving myself, and what better way to mark it than with a gift!}   I realised that getting ‘quiet’ really just takes a bit of self-kindness, a dash of self acceptance & a whole lot of listening. 

Listening to those ‘quieter’ softer tones of the heart.

Hope YOU can gently listen this week…

Light & love,

Jess x

Ps. The photos I’ve shared here are a few prep pics from my desk of flowers last week…they’ve all made it safely to Devon & just keeping my fingers crossed they keep perky for tomorrow ‘s shoot! 

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