My Monday mood board ~ now

oh the joy of a mobile phone allowing me to blog a post right ‘now’…here in Screwfix! 

I’ve totally lost track this week & almost forgot to post this week’s gorgeous winner from #mymondaymoodboard


autumn hydranga
hydranga from the lovely Rowena aka @flojoro123

Rowena’s caption was beautiful & so fitting for this week’s prompt of ‘now’;

There will never be a right time to start. Accept it. Start  now.

This is such a brilliant reminder for me; personally I’ve always been hung up on waiting for ‘right’ times…I threw caution to the wind with that, pretty much as soon as I got pregnant with Lily & certainly this blog would NEVER have started had I waited for the right time.
Talking of which, I may as well admit to bloggers freeze! I apologise for the infrequent posting…thank you for dropping by & being so patient with me. 

It’s silly really, I keep looking for the ‘right time’ to write a really inspiring post, or the ‘right time’ to take pretty pictures; when here I am, surrounded by tradesmen in the middle of Screwfix, {waiting to collect some bits for Ross} proving to myself & you all…that there really is no ‘right time’. 

It’s a complete, mind-made, myth! 

So…back to ‘now’;

My super super co-host {of our Instagram photo challenge; @mymondaymoodboard} has put together this gorgeous grid of favourites:


no time like the present
@aalmadr @alltomkerstin @janiceissit_life_style @bymeeni
Congratulations everyone & look forward to seeing you share your ‘GOLD’ next week. 


Jess x

4 thoughts on “My Monday mood board ~ now

  1. gorgeous grid & hurray to lovely Rowena for her winning bloom. so with you with timing … i’ve started allowing myself to be more present with my iG flow, wanting it all to be more real so if that means posts at random times, then random it is. i’m hoping that’s more healthy & wholesome… XX

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