Styling the seasons ~ October

What makes your home happy in Autumn?

styling the seasons
bringing a few leafy treasures inside
styling the seasons
lighting candles
  styling the seasons  
styling the seasons  styling the seasons 
Squeezing in, at the very back end of October, I’m here to share my ‘styling the seasons’ mantle.

It’s kind of like arriving late to a party, where you’ve been so worried about what you look like & what to wear, that you forget that no-one minds if you wear the blue one or the black one; if your hair is up or down. They just love that you’re there. 

So it is with this blog post; I’ve been in complete awe of all the lovely stylings shared {see #stylingtheseasons on Instagram/Twitter}, it’s made me feel like my ‘usual’ mantle shots just aren’t ‘enough’.  

lovetale mantles
my monthly mantle stylings; December 2014 – September 2015

Silly, I know! 

As you can tell, it’s been an odd month for sure! I’ve taken part in a bloggers vintage jumble, done filming for channel 4 {sharing more soon} and featured one of my most favourite small business’ here on the blog….you’d think that would make me feel happy? No, it doesn’t. 

My brain, my mind, as it turns out is a constant swirl of ‘must do better’. My heart…that’s a whole other thing; it’s always happily content. 

Happiness for me; for my heart, is so much more about the ‘now’ & all its ‘real-ness’, and no more obvious has it been than this month. 

What I mean is; is that as wonderful as those {what my mind considers ‘big’} achievements are; it’s been the very beautiful & very wonderful intimate, more heart-led moments with my friends & family that have truly made me happy. 

October’s happy is; long chatty road trips with friends; tucking up in jumpers, with Lily; sharing coffee & shortbread biscuits {always home made & always pale milky-coloured beautiful} in our beloved Old Fire Engine; walking together or alone,  outside, in that early evening ‘golden hour’ glow, just as the sun falls low in the sky; snuggling on our enormously {too-big-for-the-space-but-we-love-it-anyway-because-there’s-room-for-all-of-us-cocoa-included!} comfortable sofa…& strangely, most of all:

Happy in October has been the simple pleasure of lighting our softly scented beeswax candles. 

Day or night; their mellow golden glow has given our home the most beautiful atmosphere. I’ve got through far too many; slightly addicted!
So instead of holding back, it feels very appropriate {however comparison-crammed my mind gets} to share these pics of our sweet ‘lovetale’ mantle. Because that’s our ‘style’, and truthfully, that’s our ‘happy’…& if it in any way inspires you to style up your mantle, or perhaps join in with something your ‘mind’ is saying ‘you’re not good enough’ to; then hurrah, again, I’m happy. 

If you fancy, you can see our ever-changing, seasonal mantle stylings using the hashtag #lovetalemantles over on my Instagram feed.

What makes your autumnal home happy?

I’d love to know?

Jess x

Thanks to Katy & Charlotte for hosting their monthly ‘Styling the Seasons’ party. It’s always lovely to join in, and if you fancy playing along: head to their ’round up/review’ blog posts for more info.

2 thoughts on “Styling the seasons ~ October

  1. What a beautiful mantle and such thoughtful and honest words. We love having you at the party and no one should ever worry about what they wear 😉 Keep on doing what you do because it is so, so lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

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