Styling the seasons x Makelight ~ November

I smiled when I read this month’s challenge for Charlotte & Katy’s Styling the Seasons…

A seasonal flat-lay [a ‘flat-lay’ being a beautifully styling image, usually photographed from above]

If you’ve seen me on Instagram, you’ll know this is totally my cup of tea! 

Joining forces with Emily & Ruth; this month there is a chance to win a place on one of their Makelight photography courses. {which would be a complete treat…have you seen Emily’s studio? It looks heavenly!}

So here’s mine…

In my every day life, you’ll find me pulling furniture around, styling up mantles & generally pottering around our home…

But …what this past year has taught me is that family life & blogging don’t quite go together in the way I thought they might! 

I had visions of sharing photos of our home much more frequently; sharing our DIY projects & the like. 

But to be honest, by the time I’ve styled something & Lily has covered it in toys, and we’ve run around the park, played with friends & pottered off into town for coffee at The Old Fire Engine; there’s almost never enough time {or required daylight} to capture the desired images my mind would love to share on the blog.

This is where ‘flat-lay’ images have been my saving grace. 

I have myself a little white tray, kept tucked beside our fridge. Almost daily, I’ll pull it out onto the kitchen counter {where the window light shines in both sides} and have a play:

 They become mini-meditations; moments of calm…& unexpectedly really rather addictive!

I’m partial to making wreaths; circles of gathered finds…roses here, and pebbles Lily collected at the beach in summer. But you can make any shapes/patterns you like…

I hope you can carve out a moment of calm in your day, and have a go.

Thank you to Katy & Charlotte, as ever for hosting this monthly series & giving me an excuse to play. 

If you’d like to join in, take a look at their blogs for more info.

Oh, and check out the hashtag #STSxMakelight on social media to see all the other beautiful entries. 

Happy November! 

Jess x

3 thoughts on “Styling the seasons x Makelight ~ November

  1. I totally agree with you on how family life and blogging aren’t always a happy partnership! Glad you find time to make you’re beautiful images though. It’s so important to find your creative time.
    Georgie X


  2. This is so, so pretty and love your ‘wreath’ style. Such a good idea to have a white tray ready for flat lays; must make it much more manageable to experiment and create blog posts. Thank you so much for joining in, as ever xx


  3. Thanks so much for joining in, I always wondered how you took such beautiful pictures. I’m finding that flat lays are perfect for creative moments when you just don’t have much time. These are really beautiful, x


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