My Monday mood board ~ a gallery of inspiration {no prompt required}

Thank you to Emily @harryandfrank for adding this gorgeous image to our #mymondaymoodboard gallery…

Such a calm, autumnal image to represent the start of the week. 

There’s a few other images that caught my eye…


vintage key
It reminds me to invite you all to play along next week…

We began this hashtag game on Instagram back in January, as a way of creating a gallery {a ‘mood board’ if you like} of inspiring & creative images to kick start your week. 

It was also a way of gathering like-minded creatives together in a place of online community, which is such a pleasure to host. 


There are now so many daily, weekly, monthly challenges, each one a brilliant way to share a little piece of yourself & your creativity, and for that I give such heartfelt thanks that you all still dip into ours.

To join in: #mymondaymoodboard

  • Upload your image any time {yes, we suggest a Monday, but any time is always fine}
  • Add #mymondaymoodboard to your image: to join the gallery.
  • Your image can be ANYTHING inspiring, creative or encouraging. The idea is that the gallery itself becomes the ‘mood board’.

There’s over 4,000 images in the feed…thank YOU all for playing along. 

Going forwards there may be themes, or from time to time a seasonal prompt. But for now; no prompts required. Like I said above, just anything; creative, inspiring or encouraging. 

That’s all it was ever meant to be anyway!

Love Jess x

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