Behind the scenes ~ filming for Kirstie’s homemade Christmas

I don’t do things I don’t want to succeed in.

  Winning advice from Kirstie Allsopp! {September 2013}

If you’re anything like me you’ll have run a mile when channel 4 producers called to invite me onto a TV show…but with temptation of meeting one of my TV hero’s, {& after a good talking to from a friend} I couldn’t resist the chance to appear on tonight’s episode of 

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

And boy am I glad I did! 


Having seen my Instagram, this blog, & last year’s floral Christmas tree {click here}, I was invited to take part in a tree-decorating challenge;  

floral christmas tree
sneaky close up of my floral-themed tree.


floral christmas tree
my basket of supplies…all somehow made it safely down to Devon in my suitcase!
tv crew ; filming kirsties homemade christmas
the crew…a brilliant bunch who kept us calm in front of the camera {and the lovely Sarah Akwisombe – a fellow blogger & contestant}

It was a complete whirlwind of an experience, one I still can’t quite believe actually happened…

Did I actually spend an entire day in Kirstie’s Devon home? …which was gorgeous, by the way! Full of interesting taxidermy & antique treasures. 

Did I actually come face to face with Kirstie? …who was just as wonderful in person; totally professional but with incredible warmth {you’ll see our tree challenge was filmed in a chilly outdoor courtyard…she was quick to offer jumpers & spare coats to everyone & kept us entertained with comedy anecdotes}

We weren’t allowed to take photos of her home…understandably, but you’ll get to see so much of it on TV & we were lucky enough to be shown around a few of the rooms not filmed, which were all just as beautiful. The ceramic floral lampshades in her ‘snug’ were my favourites! 

TV is a beast. We found out about filming on a Thursday…I was down in Devon filming the following week! Hats off to anyone working regularly in TV / film production. The cameras, sound equipment, prop production, drone-flying camera work, runners ~ literally running around, was incredible!

cath kidston suitcase ely station
a suitcase full of flowers…brought mant smiles on the London underground, travelling across town to Waterloo
me ~ in Kirstie’s loo! Nervous excitment as filming began…
rose bracelet
an early morning make: a little fresh rose flower bracelet kept me company throughout the day


sarah alwisombe
my tree-decorating companions…we all had such different styles!
It was such fun…that really would be the key word to describe the trip…

a fun floral delight, from beginning to end! 

For me, being a mum can be all consuming. Getting away for 3 days, at short notice was nothing short of a miracle & such a treat. My mum & Ross were super stars…and I’m so grateful they gave me this gift! 

Incredible opportunities have opened up for me this year, aside from the blog, & I put it down to getting completely whole-hearted about the things I choose to do, the people I spend time with & the places I go. 

Kirstie’s mantra: ‘I don’t do things I don’t want to succeed in’ sums it up beautifully. 

Hope you enjoy tonight’s episode, it’s going to be such a gorgeously festive series, which I’m so grateful & honoured to be a part of…

No doubt, I’ll be watching from behind the sofa with a large damson gin & tonic…thankful my sisters will be with me in case I get too self conscious! 

Enjoy & happy tree-decorating!

Jess x

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