When incidental turns into intentional ~ creating space to create A space 

Well, that’s one of my more random blog titles, for sure! 

Hi there, 

I’m sorry it’s been so long, and yet it feels like it’s been no time at all. 

  Like any great friendship, time means nothing, distance even less. It’s the heart connection you create that means the world…& more & more I realise this blog is just an extension of my heart connection with you all. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a little romantic, a little whimsical, hugely emotional & creatively expanding…I say that, because I’m pretty sure that you’re all just a beautiful reflection of me, & I think that’s just delightful! 

(Of course you don’t have to think you’re any of those things above to be reading this…it’s massively subjective, but that’s beside the point).

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit of the WHY I’ve disappeared…online, that is.

What began as an incidental blog break in January, has become a break in activity across all my online outlets. 

The difference; now it’s with pure intention.

January saw me (just me!) travelling to New York & Costa Rica. It was wild, it was wonderful & it was a complete indulgence. I landed back in the UK & went straight off on a family holiday with Ross, Lily & gorgeous friends. It made the winter blues of January all but disappear, & with it my ability to get non-stop wifi (my choice). It was a chance to get ‘real’.

Since then I’ve been hunkering & exploring. Yep, a complete juxtaposition of verbs I know! 

It’s truly the only way to explain it. 

Hunkering or hygge-ing (if that gorgeous Scandinavian concept could be a verb) 

To make yourself comfortable in a place or situation, or to prepare to stay in a place or position for a long time, usually in order to achieve something or for protection.

I’ve been hunkering in many senses; in myself, in my home…I could babble on this subject for hours, but the essence to share is that I’m just getting comfy. From here I can start to unfold my next chapters…

On the exploration front…

…to travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it.

I’m currently experiencing a time in my life like no other. I’m happy, content & increasingly feeling healthier & stronger in my mind/being & body without having ‘done’ anything.  Either that or I’m just noticing what I have & becoming so ridiculously grateful for it.

And the amazing thing, to me, it’s reflecting into our home.

This part is still so vague to me…my intention being, that if I can explore how & what has helped me to get here, then I can better share it.

Some blogs are great at creative DIY’s, recipe-sharing & tips for how to incorporate coconut oil into your diet, how to avoid sugar, why to avoid sugar & the plethora of other ‘how to’ guides available …but you guys don’t need any of that (albeit very helpful & meaningful advice) from me. I’m not planning on sharing yoga tips or mindfulness techniques either…

But I would like to continue to create a space online for you to escape a little; and to express my fascination for how our surroundings make us feel. It’s that link between the inner-being & expression in the home that I’ll continue to delve into.

I guess in order to do that I’m claiming my own space. My own quiet time, so that it can be better reflected to you.

So excuse me while I remain quiet. 

I’m still posting from time to time on Instagram, and I would like to make sure I’m available again on Mondays, as I’ve really missed our #mymondaymoodboard community…to see you all still gathering in the gallery each week warms my heart. I promise I’ll be back at the helm soon.

Sending you love & light, 

Jess x

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