Come on in; an informal home tour {spring}

This blog began {& still has} the intention to share our home. Somewhere along the way, it got tied up with my instagram account, which I keep pretty styled and sparse.  Our home, as you can see, is neither of these things. It’s comfy, it’s pretty small and it serves our family beautifully.

So, pretend you just knocked on the door & you’re popping by for a cuppa…this is how you would have found us at around 4 this afternoon…

We’ve moved things around since my {sparsely styled} ‘living room update’ post last year…squeezing in a desk, which is never clear! We’re always working on something, so the beautiful marble is near enough never seen for Ross’ drawings/house bills/my writing etc.  My laptop sits on an upturned Waitrose crate {I’m freakishly tall, and my neck tends to hurt unless I have some height to work at}. Radio 2 is on the TV; I’m not really a radio-listener, however I have a soft spot for Dermot O’Leary, having met him once before he got crazy famous, so I sometimes tune in on the weekend for his show. I guess the mantle is pretty styled, but other than that, things tend to just fall into place around here.
Can you spot Lily?…she’s poorly, and napping on {our oversized, yet gorgeously comfy} sofa.  Cocoa {our chocolate labradoodle} should be on that cushion under the TV, but he’s more often to be found curled up next to her, than down on the floor where he should be! Our home is pretty small; perfectly sized for our little family, but when it comes to having anyone else over we all perch on top of each other, and there’s never enough room – thankfully we’ve just had planning approved for our extension next year!
Almost everything here is painted in Earthborn paint, {Whisker on the walls and Tuffet on the fitted dresser} it’s our favourite paint for eco reasons and quality finish. The blue of the kitchen is a concoction Ross made up himself, and I can’t even remember where we got the mad pink for our table legs {peeking in the right of this picture}. For anyone newish to the blog, our home has been completely renovated over the last 3 years; it’s our 4th home renovation; thankfully we have no itching to move again any time soon!
This is the area of the home I’ve always found the most cramped…The dining area has been taken over by a play area for Lily, which works brilliantly until we invite anyone round…as I said, it can very soon feel too small. Next year – the window to the left here will become a double doorway into a large kitchen/diner. {we’ll most likely block in the existing doorway to the kitchen, but I’ll come back to all that another time}.
Oh ‘Hi’! A mad quick selfie, because I’m really not that shy…in fact I’m actually pretty outgoing, and should probably share this side of myself online. I know a lot of bloggers like to hide behind the camera & stay away from people in real life, but I’m the opposite. So there you have it, all we’re lacking is my ability to actually offer you a cuppa.

Hopefully that was fun, and not completely insane or too much of a let-down. I can imagine you might think ‘oh, is that it?!’  But on the basis that perhaps you don’t mind a peek into my real life, which is a little more ‘full’ than my quiet demeanour might suggest, then perhaps I can get used to sharing a little more, a little more often.

Happy weekend,

Jess x

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