My Monday mood board ~ calling your colour crush  

If you saw my informal home tour at the weekend (a brief invite into our living area) you’ll see we have a very neutral colour scheme…

…& for good reason; our home is relatively small, so the walls (as in all our homes over the years) are painted a soft grey, which allow us to add all sorts of colours in surprising pops, without it all appearing cluttered & confused …like the neon pink legs of our dining table!

We’re happily in love with soft grey/blue tones; But every now & then, I get this yearning for something else to layer it up with?!

…Delicate layers of colour {like my musings below} to give our calm home interest & warmth… 
Like inexplicable crushes of the heart, a colour crush can simply be one of those fleeting flights of fancy; a shade you might never actually want to paint your entire room/home, but one that tugs on your heart strings.

For me, as you can guess, it’s pink. Last year it was a peachy tone, the year before that; a more intense magenta (hence the table legs!)

…but this year, my love has swayed towards the pinky/purple tones of (for want of a better word) …hush!

‘Hush’ is how I describe the colour of these tulips, and my sheer top from Noa Noa.

I noticed my ‘hush’ crush at the weekend while shooting March’s ‘styling the seasons’ post…although it’s probably not quite as recent a crush as I think….seeing as I now realise it’s almost the same colour we painted a small wall in our bedroom last year... such a beautifully calming shade.


earthborn inglenook
bedroom wall painted in Earthborn’s Inglenook (click image for more details)

I find it fascinating to notice these colour crushes; and where they come from….

Blush crush inspiration;

images from various artists on Anastasia’s gallery – click image to visit Instagram

Anastasia Benko; a wonderful interiors stylist has a new Instagram gallery: @crushonthecolorblush gallery …it’s gorgeous, & there’s hush & blush aplenty in her own @stilzitat gallery below;


Anastasia Benko’s instagram gallery ~ @stilzitat


So, what’s your colour crush?

 {final images above are taken from my Pinterest boards – you can find me @jesstrent}

Have a gorgeous week,

Jess x

Two days after posting ~ this appeared in my bloglovin feed!

emily henderson blog ~ click image to link


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