My Monday mood board ~ get your craft on!

It’s been an inspiring start on Instagram this week…I’m not sure if it’s the brisk chill in the air, the sudden flurry of snow yesterday, or just a general handmade vibe…but it seems everyone’s getting their craft on! 

Our #mymondaymoodboard gallery was bursting with floral loveliness & creative craftiness….

So I couldn’t resist picking this gorgeous image {if only for the cute tape measure!} from Tina @alltomkerstin
image credit ~ Tina @alltomkerstin
I’m always so impressed to see home made garments, so I popped over to Tina’s blog to see what else she’s been making, and {despite not understanding the language} was completely taken by her photos {her bedroom is light bright loveliness} & this gorgeous crochet iPad cover is just perfect!


crochet ipad cover
image credit ~ Tina @alltomkerstin
crochet ipad
image credit ~ Tina @alltomkerstin
crochet ipad
image credit ~ Tina @alltomkerstin
Such a pretty colour palette! 

We’re in the process of moving Lily into her new room & this has me thinking soft muted tones & perhaps trying my hand at a few handmade items…not that I’ve ever even tried crochet?!*

So thank you Tina & everyone else for playing along with our tag. If you’d like to find out more, pop over to @mymondaymoodboard on Instagram.

Have a lovely rest of the week, 

Jess x

* I’ll be writing a separate post about it soon, but if you’re into crochet, then you must check out this new website: Crochyay Boxes

I’m so excited by it…mainly because it’s the brainchild of my wonderful #mymondaymoodboard co-host Lucy! She’s such a talented lady & has thrown passion & brilliance into the world of crochet…hurrah!  

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