About us {our love tale}

Welcome to our stories and creative adventures.

Who we are:

Ross is Cabinet Maker, offering carefully designed, hand-made furniture for the home. He is passionate about functionality and aesthetic design.
{see more on his page Ross Trent Cabinet Maker}

Jess has a background in Visual merchandising {Monsoon Accessorise}, & event planning {University of Cambridge}
She’s currently a full-time mum, with a few projects on the side: working a few hours in a local independent shop; providing social media advice to small businesses & co-hosts a weekly photo challenge:
#mymondaymoodboard on Instagram, where you’ll see her love of flowers and the outdoors.

Our Love Tale:

We met in our early 20’s, on a cold January night in Bath, and fell in love walking along the Royal Crescent, wandering around sweet little homewares stores and watching Grand Designs.
Back then, our dreams included: Ross having his own furniture-making business by the time he was 30, {check!} renovate beautiful houses {check!}, have a family {check!} build our own home {still a dream} and have our own home/interiors shop selling british made products {still a dream}.

Over a decade {& 4 homes} later, we now live in the flat, sky-full-fens, in Ely, UK. We still like to watch Grand Designs {don’t we all?!} and dream of our home-build, but that’s way off. We’re now on a much slower paced, easier, happier path…which we would love to share with you here.

It’s been a bit of a mad ten years: we’ve renovated 4 very different properties {a new-build, a Grade 2* listed, a country cottage and our current 1920’s end terrace}, including knocking down walls, putting in new windows/doors and filling each one with love {blood, sweat & tears!} lots of handmade furniture. All this, while I {jess} worked hard & long hours in normal 9-5’s, climbing {now seemingly} ridiculous career ladders & taking far too few holidays in between!

Our gorgeous daughter arrived in Summer 2013 and since then our journey has become so much more wildly calm! {yes, a total contradiction but its the only way i can think to describe it!} It forced us to really take stock of everything we have learnt, and explore a new way of living as a family, creating new love tales.

From everything we’ve done so far, we have learnt that our surroundings, both inside and outdoors, can so completely nourish and support our wellbeing. We’ve also realised the crazy amazing brilliance of allowing yourself to ‘dream big’!

This blog is a way for us to record our ‘love tales’, & hopefully encourage you with yours!

We hope you enjoy!

Trent HQ x

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, using the form below:

4 thoughts on “About us {our love tale}

  1. Loving the Blog Jess – I love how you write and what you write about. So simple but very effective and it makes you stop and think for a while which is just the right balance for a blog in my opinion. You and your husband and I’m sure Lily too are so creative and I absolutely love the sleigh it is beautiful and the floral christmas tree is an absolute work of art. Keep up the good work Trents and I can’t wait to read the next installment xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You sweetheart! Thank you Elizabeth…so pleased you enjoy reading it! We are just so happy to share a little bit of our life & if it inspires or makes you smile, then we’ve done good x Have a wonderful week with those Nuggets x


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